case study: web product development

Read how we built this marketing application.

This web product was conceived by a couple of entrepreneurs with a clever business idea. The general concept was similar to that of eBay, but instead of a "post and search" system based on items for sale, they wanted to build a "post and search" system based on items for rent. Their philosophy was based on people that have personal items that are expensive to own and yet don't use on a daily basis. Instead of collecting dust in the garage, their idea was to rent these items to other people that have a periodic or a one-time need.

our web development solution

With a Product Requirements Document provided by the client, CyberSense IT engaged in the collaborative effort to transform that information into a workable action plan fit for the web development world. After a detailed requirements gathering phase and a few prototype iterations, CyberSense IT developed a user-friendly system that allows both renters and rentees to register, post, and search items for rent. Goods and services are listed by category while giving each item a title and description. The system is entirely self-administered by the registered users and every aspect of the transaction process is automated including item available listings, price negotiations, offer acceptance, credit card processing, and user feedback.

In addition, the system includes administrative functions such as financial reporting and other marketing-related reporting. We even designed a complex word and character filtering system to prevent obscene language and unethical user communication. 

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