web development process

The CyberSense IT web development process is flexible, partnership-based, and service-driven. In addition, our process is proprietary in nature and yet customized to fit each client and project. Depending on the requirements, we are capable of deploying the Agile Development Model, the Waterfall Model, or some combination of both. The decision is based on the process that best mitigates risk, ensures quality, increases speed, and improves the chances of success by applying the appropriate blend of agility, documentation, and control.

What is the Agile Web Development Model?

As a general rule, this model is typically used for complex web applications where all of the system requirements may not be known at the point of initiation, or if known, may change after the start of the project. The method is generally accepted as a "rapid" process and sometimes makes use of existing frameworks (pre-existing code basis). Developers begin construction when there is a sufficient understanding of the existing requirements and then develop in short iterative cycles. With each iteration, the application is evaluated and altered as the system is built in a modular fashion.

What is the Waterfall Development Model?

On the other hand, the Waterfall Model is a regimented development process that looks to uncover and document all (or as much as possible) of the technical requirements before beginning construction of the application. The model is best used when the requirements are very specific and when the potential for iterations are minimal. As a general rule, the Waterfall Model is great for mitigating risk through increased documentation; however, it is typically less flexible and slower than the Agile Method.