case study: web-enabled system

CyberSense built this web enabled system for Central Signing Service.

This web-enabled system is a significant improvement from an old legacy database and some manual business processes. Now Central Signing Service (CSS), a company that provides mobile notary services, has one unified web application that automates business processes, creating a more cost-effective workflow.

CSS approached CyberSense IT with a plan to redesign their website via our sister company, DesignSense Studios. In addition, CSS had aspirations of converting their legacy system to a web-based system. The goal was to develop an online application that would automate their daily business processes while at the same time giving their lenders and signing agents an easier way to do business. The challenge was their target audience, mortgage and loan officers, were not not tech savvy so the system needed to be very user-friendly.

our web development solution

In a highly collaborative effort, CyberSense IT developed an easy-to-use system that provides one unified platform for all business operations. The base solution allows mortgage and lending institutions to submit notary signing orders online. The system then organizes the orders allowing CSS administrators to search their database of signing agents and assign the orders to the most appropriate agents. Once orders are assigned, agents can view and process order contents within their online pipeline. At the same time, the submitting parties and CSS administrators can track orders throughout the entire signing process via their own online pipeline.

In addition to the systems base functionality, we designed custom features that allow internal administrators and external lending institutions to edit and manage various aspects of the overall process. The system automates the client and signing agent application process, order submission, internal scheduling, order status changes, notifications and updates, approval processes, reporting mechanisms, package tracking, invoicing, internal administration, and includes a feedback system.

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