case study: registration system

CyberSense built this online registration application for IEEE.

This expansive conference registration system provides IEEE's Nuclear Plasma and Sciences Society with a customized internet tool with a secure, five-step registration process. Society staff can now change conference information from year to year, as well as manage registrants via a secure administration site.

There's an old saying in the trade that "Engineers do it better." For CyberSense IT, which has long been a web development partner with IEEE, the joke is sharper for having two edges to it. Yes, life is better with engineering – but it's also a truism that engineers tend to want to do things themselves. This was the spirit behind the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society's request for help developing a conference registration and payment processing tool. The Society had been using separate database-driven solutions for each of its many conferences and events for years. Now they were looking for something to unify all these tools.

our web development solution

For CyberSense IT, the challenge was to quickly ascertain and solve the programming issues and project requirements that developers of competing event management software suites learned through years of trial and error.

In the end, we got it right the first time. Using a three-month development schedule to move the project along, and working closely with the IEEE and their contract event management staff at Travel Destinations Management Group, we were able to develop, design, and test a system that was fast, easy to use and secure.

The new module had a user interface and ordering process that was speedy enough to impress the savvy technologists within the Society, and its 128-bit encryption process kept all the registrant data safe and sound. The system included a full administrative and financial reporting backend, which gave the IEEE and Travel Destinations real-time access to registration data so they could see how many people were coming to an event, who still needed hotels and special meals, who wanted to participate in extracurricular activities, and so on.

The new system enabled the Society to reduce the costs associated with maintaining and organizing the events while helping enhance customer service. It also reinforced what engineers already know about themselves: they can do it better.

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